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Our Town

Every Year my city hosts a carnivial in Febuary/March area. When I was a kid I used to go every year and get sick on the rides with my dad. The last time I went was with one of my friends on Febuary 18, 2001.

We were getting off a ride and the people in the back were watching the race and I leaned over the bar to find out how Father and Son were doing. Each were way in the front, in front of Gordan and I was happy.

My friend drops me off at home and I walk in the house and my mom and dad jump up from in front of the tv. I look at my dad's face and that's when he told me that there had been a really bad crash and it didn't look good. I had never and have yet to again see my dad cry. I sat on the couch with them till late that night. When the news finally came in, the tears started coming. I refused to go into my room till my mom took down my poster I had up of him. I was watching cartton network at that point...anything but the news. And scrolling across the bottom of the screen, like a natural disaster, was the news that the 7 time champion had died in an accident at the Daytona 500.
Since that day I have not been back to Our Town, as the carnival is called.

Tommorow my friend begged me to go back with her. I figured it's been 4 years, and there is no connsction to him at this festival. With tommorow approaching, I am flooded with memories of that day. Amazing how much he touched our lives.

Post an entry explaining how your day went the day you found out that our beloved was finally defeated.
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